How to prepare for a lesson

Pre-Lesson Material

Each Lesson has pre-lesson material that helps you prepare for that lesson.

  1. Click on a lesson you are interested in.
  2. Click the Resources tab below the image.
  3. Click Download at the bottom of the page if you want to download a simple .pdf of the material.

Download ONLY available on the Web App

You can easily download the pre-lesson material from the Lesson page on the Web App to save to your computer or cellphone for review.

You will NOT be able to download pre-lesson material from VR or the Browser App.

Pre-Lesson Materials in Email

When you register for a lesson, you will automatically receive the pre-lesson material link via email to help you prepare for your lesson.

Location of Prep Materials in Email

The Pre-Lesson Materials document will contain common words and phrases that will be helpful during your lesson and a fun fact about the lesson topic.

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