Joining a Class on Desktop

Once you have followed the instructions to sign up for a class, you will need to join that class when it starts. Follow these instructions for joining a class on Desktop through our Browser Application:

  1. Login to the Immerse WebApp and make sure you're on the Home page.

  1. Click the "Launch Immerse" button to launch Immerse on Desktop
  2. This will open up the Immerse app in a different browser tab using NVIDIA and bring you right to your Homeroom after logging in. You should land on the Classes tab and see both classes you have booked and upcoming classes.

Other Info:

  • Classes happening within the next hour will have a countdown to show how many minutes are left before class starts as well as be marked with a starting soon tag.
  • The cancel class option on booked classes will change to join now 5 minutes before the class start time and you will no longer be able to cancel.
  • Class that are starting soon, but that you haven't booked previously, will allow you to jump in without registering for the first 5 minutes of class.
HomeRoom Classes Tab
  1. At the time of class, find the class card for the class you wish to join and click Join Now to be transported to class!
  2. Your Guide will let you into class right at the start, but you have up to 10 minutes after the start time to be admitted if you previously registered for the class.

Exit Class

If you wish to exit class for any reason, click the exit symbol in the bottom right of the Desktop App screen.

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