What is an Immerse "Class"?

An Immerse Class is a live, social, language immersion experience designed to help you grow your fluency while having a blast. Each class takes place in one of our unique and interactive VR scenes and is led by one of our Expert Language Guides. Classes normally start on the hour and last 40 minutes. 

Immerse offers 3 different types of classes that can be scheduled:

  1. Lessons: Lessons are designed around specific learning objectives, geared to help you build fluency in a contextually relevant way.
  2. Facilitated Conversations: Facilitated conversations help you develop your speaking and listening skills by conversing with other Members and a Guide on topics of your own choice in a casual environment.
  3. Events: Events provide unique opportunities to apply what you know in new contexts or gain cultural insights while building fluency. For example, experience full immersion as you navigate from booking an airline ticket to boarding the plane in the airport scene or learn about New Year’s Eve traditions in Spanish speaking countries, such as Fin de año in Ecuador! 

These three classes work together to give you a powerful immersion experience!

The Commons

As an Immerse Member, you also have 24/7 access to The Commons, where you can meet new friends and practice your conversation skills in between your live small group classes. This is also a great space to talk with other Members about their experiences with Immerse!


In addition to the classes listed above, you will always have any-time access to:

  • The Immerse Tutorial - Learn to navigate and interact within Immerse
  • Your Home Room - A private room where you can choose your appearance, access/join booked experiences, see your achievements, and review notes from classes you have attended.
  • Take a Trip - A private space for you to travel to Immerse Locations and continue the learning. You can even create private session codes so you and a friend can explore and learn together.

Immerse has a ton of fun features! Check out our main website for more information. 

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