How to access the schedule & book a lesson

Want to switch your language?

You can always take lessons of another language. Click here to learn how to change your language setting to be able to see lessons for that language on the schedule.

The Schedule

The Lesson Schedule includes both Lessons and Connect Events. The same Schedule can be found in 3 main places: The WebApp, the Browser App HomeRoom, and the VR HomeRoom.

On the WebApp (All Users)

  1. Login to the Immerse WebApp.
  2. Click the "Schedule" Tab on the top navigation menu.

In the Browser App HomeRoom (Desktop Users)

  1. Login to the Immerse WebApp.

  1. Click "Launch in Browser" to enter Immerse on Desktop
  2. In your HomeRoom, click the "Classes" tab.

In VR HomeRoom (VR Users)

  1. Put on your VR headset.

  2. Enter the Immerse VR Application.
  3. On your HomeRoom Dashboard, click the "Classes" tab.

How to Book a Lesson

Once on the schedule, you can use available credits to book a class to attend. Find a class that works for you and complete the steps below to book your spot:

The booking process is the same regardless of what schedule you are looking at.

  1. Navigate to the class schedule (options above)
  2. Be sure you have selected the correct date and time for your chosen class.

  1. Click the Class Card to see the class info.
  2. Click "Book Class" to book the class. Note: classes allow 8 total participants.
  3. You should get a verification screen confirming your booking.

  1. Go to your email to view the "Class Prep Email" associated with your class.
  2. You will have the option to add the class appointment to your calendar.

Joining Your Lesson...

You will now be able to see the booked class on your "Upcoming" Class Tab on the Dashboard.

You can also jump into classes that are upcoming straight from inside the HomeRoom!

This is where you will return at the time of class to join.

Click one of these options to learn how to join a class: VR or on Desktop!

No Booking Needed!

There are some things you can do in Immerse without needing to sign up ahead of time. You will always have access to:

  • Events - although you can book an event, you can also join one that is going on with no booking

  • Practice - The "Practice Scenes" contain AI for solo conversation practice or practice with others
  • Play - the Commons is where you can play learning games

  • Review you notes - from the "You" tab of the HomeRoom

If you have questions or encounter any issues in booking classes, please contact support.

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