Joining a class in VR

Once you have followed the instructions to register for a class, you will need to join that class when it starts. Follow these instructions for joining a class in VR on your Meta Quest 2 headset.

  1. Put on your VR headset.
  2. Open the Immerse app just before your lesson time.
  3. Navigate to your HomeRoom and Select the "Classes" tab on your Dashboard.

Just Before Class Time...

  • As it gets closer to the start time of class, there will be a countdown reminding you how many minutes you have before class.
  • The "Join Class" button will be available to press once it is within 5 minutes of the class starting.
  1. At the time of your class, press "Join Now" button to jump in.

  1. Wait for the Guide to let you enter the class. 

Late Policy

In order to protect the progress of class and the learning experience of members, we DO NOT ADMIT registered members after 10 minutes past the class start time.

If you ever encounter technical issues with joining or being admitted to class, please reach out to

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