Navigating your Homeroom

Homeroom Tour Video

Homeroom Overview

When you log into Immerse on a VR headset, you will be your Homeroom space.

This private Homeroom space gives you access to:

  1. Classes tab - Classes

    1. All upcoming classes at all levels are shown in your HomeRoom.
    2. Tiles marked with a star icon indicate recommended actions.
    3. You can jump into any class within the first 5 minutes of its start time without booking the class, as long as the class is not full!
    4. You can stay in the class to continue practicing with other Members when the Guide leaves.

Booking and Joining Classes

  • You can learn how to sign up for classes here.
  • At the scheduled time, you will enter your class from the Homeroom.
  • Learn more how to join a class with these articles: Join in VR or Join on Desktop.
  1. Connect tab - Events

    1. Each event is centered around a specific topic and provides conversation opportunities with other Members and a Guide.
    2. Events do not need to be booked in advance and can be joined at any time. Just jump in at any time when an event is live!

  1. Practice tab - AI Practice Scenes

    1. Each interactive scene has different AI avatars with discussion topics at different levels.
    2. You can join these scenes:
      • Publicly - other Members may already be in the scene practicing, or can join you at any time while you're there.
      • Privately -
        1. Join with friends by creating a code and sharing it with them. This lets you all enter the same space together without anyone else coming in.
        2. Join by yourself to practice alone.

  1. Play tab - Play Space (The Commons)

    1. A public courtyard with AI-powered games like Pictionary, whack-a-word, vocabulary target practice, and more!

  1. Tutorial tab - Immerse Tutorials

    1. The interactive tutorials are designed to help you learn and practice the controls before jumping into public spaces.
    2. They take less than 5 minutes to complete.
  2. You tab - Personal Settings

    1. Manage your subscription
    2. Take a placement test to determine which level of classes would be best for you
    3. Choose an avatar to represent yourself
    4. Adjust audio and voice settings
    5. See your Learning Journey
      • Check your progress
      • See your stamps

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