How to use the AI Avatar Feature

Video Tour

CLICK HERE to watch a brief tour of using the AI Avatar feature.

Find an AI Avatar

You will need to go to your Homeroom to begin.

  1. Click Practice
  2. Select a scene to join
  3. Determine whether you want to join Public or Private and Click "Join Now"
  4. Walk up to any AI character and initiate a conversation

Others Can Participate

Once you've clicked on the icon, you are in a conversation with an AI guide. Other members can hear and see your discussion however only one member can interact with the AI avatar at a time.

How to Begin Conversation

Follow the instructions on the screen.

  1. Practice asking the listed questions and watch them get checked off
  2. Speak and ask questions in any language, and it will automatically translate.
  3. Click the "Hint" button if you get stuck
  4. Reset the conversation when the chat gets full
  5. Leave the conversation with the AI Avatar when you are finished

Using the "Text Translate" Tool

You will now have the ability to highlight and select any word or sentence presented in your target language and get a popup that has the translation, similar words, and example sentences using that word. This allow you to quickly get context of words you don’t know and be equipped to use them with additional examples.

  1. Click to Toggle the translation of the phrase or word.
  2. Click the "voice" icon to have the Avatar read the phrase or word aloud

Add to Notes

You will be able to add any word or phrase to your saved notes to access later or review in your HomeRoom.

Have fun exploring!

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