Understanding the VR controls

The Immerse application is fun and easy on your Meta Quest VR headset! We recommend taking our tutorials in order to learn how to use Immerse.

These tutorials teach how to:

  • Move around
  • Interact with objects
  • Use your Backpack
  • Understand Classes
  • Navigate your Learning Journey

We highly recommend that you practice before you go to your first class, the Commons, or the Explore areas.

How to Access Your Tutorials

  1. Log into your Immerse Homeroom.
  2. Click the Tutorial tab.
  3. Click on the tutorial that you want to take.

At the end of each tutorial, you will have the option to take the next one.

Controller Review

You can refer to the images below to review button controls for the Meta Quest 2 hardware controls.

  1. Power button
  2. Volume button
  3. Left joystick = Movement
  4. Right joystick = Rotate/Look around the scene
  5. Mute microphone
  6. Settings Menu
  7. Backpack Menu
  8. Class Notes/Objects Menu
  9. Return To The Immerse Login Menu button
  10. Meta button:

* Tap once to return to the Main Meta Quest 2 Menu

* Hold to Reset/Center the scene view

* Hold + Press the top right trigger to take a photo snapshot

* Hold + Hold the top right trigger button for 2 seconds to record a video

  1. Bottom trigger buttons  = Grab objects
  2. Top trigger buttons = Select objects or menu options after pointing at them


You can make fun gestures in Immerse by moving the controllers in different ways such as clapping, making a “thumbs up” sign, or raising your hands in the air.

To exit the Immerse application in VR, open the Settings Menu (6) and select the "Leave" option in the top right corner.

View our Desktop Controls documentation for PC and Mac movement controls.

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