What is "AI Practice?"

What Are AI Practice Scenes

AI Practice Scenes are locations to practice what you are learning in Immerse - with AI Avatars and other Members!

AI Practice Scenes are:

  • Accessible anytime - No booking. Simply enter and practice anytime!
  • Private or public - You can explore solo, create a private invite code for friends, or enter a public scene where anyone can join you.
  • Powered by AI - Each scene offers several AI guided conversations at multiple levels. Thanks to AI, the conversations are unscripted and your AI partner will actually respond to what you say.

How to Join Practice Scenes

  1. Navigate to your Homeroom in Immerse.
  2. Select the Practice tab from the menu on the left.
  3. Select a scene from the list on the right.
  4. Select the Public or Private button in the center.

Scene Options

Each scene has multiple avatars with conversations at several Immerse levels: Foundations, Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.

  1. Bar - Have a conversation with a new friend over a drink. When traveling to the Bar, you will find topics such as introducing yourself, asking about families and sharing or reporting information.
  2. Fast Food - Practice ordering food and chatting with close friends. You will practice things like talking about what you like, giving your opinion on past experiences, giving invitations, and asking and answering questions about future plans.
  3. Clothing Store - Talk to employees about items for sale. Traveling to the clothing store will prompt you to ask about item prices and talk about your needs and desires. You will make purchases and describe clothing in detail.
  4. Home - Discuss everyday topics with your friends at home. You can discuss families and item locations, and you can ask for and give directions.
  5. ✨ Networking Event - Practice expressing your understanding, the pros and cons of different solutions, and giving opinions in this rooftop networking space.
  6. ✨ Central Park - Practice talking to friends, say what you can and cannot do, and remembering some of your favorite memories in the park.
  7. ✨ Garage - Practice expressing tasks to be done, asking for and receiving help, and talking about the placement of items in the garage.
  8. ✨ Resort - Practice ordering drinks for friends, expressing your hopes and wishes, and apologizing for missing an activity in this luxurious vacation spot.
  9. ✨ Doctor’s Office - Practice how to express not feeling well, how to best care for yourself, and how to care for someone else inside the hospital.

If you want to learn how to use the AI Avatar feature, click here.

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