What is "Play?"

Learning should be fun! So the Immerse Team has built the Commons to be the main place of Play in Immerse. Jump in to this public area to meet new people and play language learning games! We are always adding new features and exciting games to this space.

Video Tour

CLICK HERE to watch a brief overview of the Play Space in Immerse.

The Commons Overview

Members at every tier, have 24/7 access to The Commons. The Commons is where you can meet other Members and practice your conversation skills in between your live classes. This is also a great space to talk with other Members about their experiences with Immerse! There are even different games that you can play together to practice your vocabulary knowledge!

Image of the Spanish Commons
Example of Matching Game (Spanish)

Example of Pictionary Game (Spanish)
Example of Guess-the-Word Game (Spanish)

Different Language, Different Commons

Each language in Immerse has a different Commons for those learners to attend, each of which are staffed with Bilingual Hosts that can answer questions or practice speaking with you.

Click here to learn how to switch your target language to attend a different Commons.

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