Tour of Immerse & Learning Opportunities

Overview of Immerse

Immerse's Learning Model

Lessons in Immerse are created with communicative language teaching practices in mind. The practices that inform our learning model are:
  • Communicative Language Teaching
    • Role-plays
    • Interviews
    • Group work
    • Information gap
    • Opinion sharing
  • Task-Based Teaching
    • There is a focus on pragmatic meaning.
    • Learners choose the linguistic resources needed to complete the task.
  • Emergent Language
    • Emergent language is language that "comes up," often unpredictably, in interaction between the learners, and/or the teacher and the learners.

Immerse Levels

When Members register with Immerse they self-assign their proficiency level using descriptors and can-do statements for the three levels.

We currently offer four levels: Foundations, Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. Members have the freedom to take classes at any level. Click here to learn more about selecting the best language level for you.

The Learning Opportunities in Immerse


  • Classes are reflected on the Web App schedule and in VR.
  • Classes are led by Immerse Guides.
  • Classes must be booked by each Members before a class starts.
  • Classes have a max capacity of 8 Members.
  • Members receive a 30-minute reminder e-mail before class asking them to cancel if they do not plan to attend.
  • The schedule is available 2 weeks in advance.

Lessons are designed around specific learning objectives, geared to help you build fluency in a contextually relevant way. Click here to learn more about Classes.


  • Events can be joined live with NO booking required!
  • Events are Guide-led
  • Events are more free form conversation
  • Events are fun and take place in many different locations

We now have a dedicated space where our staff will be hosting events throughout the day across a multitude of locations.

Practice Scenes

We now have brand new Immerse AI powered scenes that contain avatars equipped to help you practice the most important conversations and situations in your target language at any time! You can join these publicly to practice with others or join solo to practice in private. Complete the associated tasks with each avatar to progress in your fluency journey!

Play - The Commons

Jump in to this public area to meet new people and play language learning games! We are always adding new features and exciting games to this space.


All Immerse Members are invited to join our Discord channel where they can connect with other Members and Immerse Guides. Immerse Guides often post on Discord about a class they led in the Reflections channel for that language. Click here to learn how to join our Discord channel.
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