What does Immerse Membership Include?

Unlimited Subscription

Immerse is now offering only one subscription plan - The Immerse Unlimited plan!

Additionally, it is now available at our best price ever! Go from complete beginner to confident speaker of a new language with Immerse Unlimited. Participate in all the live and on-demand immersive learning opportunities you need to achieve your personal fluency goals twice as fast.

✨ 2 Week Free Trial

Each subscription includes a 2 week free trial with unlimited access. You credit card information will be stored on subscription, and you will be charged after the 2 weeks if you do not cancel.

CLICK HERE to begin your free trial!

Your Monthly Membership includes unlimited access to:

  • Classes: All of our Guide-led classes are here. You will now always see the next 24 hours of classes for every fluency level within the language that you are learning. You can either immediately join a live class here or book a class that starts in the future.
  • Connect Events - Many of you loved our hosts leading different activities in The Commons, especially to practice conversations on interesting topics. We now have a dedicated space where our staff will be hosting events throughout the day across a multitude of locations. These new events can be joined at ANY TIME, so if you see one that is live, jump right in and join the fun!
  • Practice - replacing "Explore Scenes." We now have 4 brand new Immerse AI-powered scenes that contain 3 or more avatars equipped to help you practice the most important conversations and situations in your target language at any time! You can join these publicly, use a code to join with a specific group of your peers, or join solo to practice in private. Complete the associated tasks with each avatar to progress in your fluency journey! Keep your eye out for more scenes, avatars, and scenarios as we add more over time.
  • Play - "The Commons" has now been converted into our first “Play” space! Jump in to this public area to meet new people and play language learning games. More games will be coming soon!
  • Immerse Discord: a social media platform only available by invite where Members can share resources, ask questions, and see photos and resources posted by Guides and Immerse Staff.

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