Choosing and changing your target language

Language Selection

When you first create your account, either on the WebApp or in VR, you will select the language that you wish to attend classes for. However, this can be changed at any time to allow you to take classes for any language!

Changing Your Target Language


You must change your language to view classes for other languages or join public spaces with members of another language group.

At this time your language focus can ONLY be changed in the WebApp. We are working on this feature being available in VR for future updates.

  1. Login to your account via the WebApp.
  2. Go to your account settings located in your Profile Picture.

  1. Once there, you are able to change the language you want to study.
  2. Make sure to press confirm after changing the language.
  3. You will see a success message to the bottom right of your screen if it switched correctly.

Identifying Your Current Language

After changing the language, you can go back to the schedule page and you will see classes for your newly selected language.

You will also be able to view this change on the Home page of the WebApp or once you log into the VR app/launch Immerse in your browser. The You Tab of your Home Room will tell you which language you have selected and The Commons background scene will have changed to represent the language you've chosen.

If you experience any issues with changing between languages, please contact support.

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