Changing my account details

Reset Your Password (Forgot Password)

If you do not remember your password, follow these instructions to reset it: 

  1. Go to your Dashboard Login.
  2. Click Forgot Password.

  1. Follow the link in your email to reset your password.

If this doesn't work, please contact - we can change it for you and determine why it didn't work.

Reset Your Password (Known Password Change)

  1. Click your profile icon and open My Account.
  2. Enter your current password and new password.
  3. Click the Confirm button.

Change the Email on Your Account

At this time you cannot alter or change the email associated with your Immerse account.

If you accidentally entered the incorrect email while creating your account and cannot log in, please contact and our Support Team will delete the incorrect account so you can create a new one with the correct email address.

Changing Your Language Level

When you log into your account on the web app, you will find yourself on the home page. To the left under your name, you will see a place to set a language and level. Set your language and level by clicking the pen icon.

If you're unsure of your level, take our placement test located under the You tab in your Homeroom.

You can also ask a Guide what level they recommend for you in class or on Discord. Immerse Guides are experienced teachers who would love the opportunity to give you their insight and recommend which classes best suit your proficiency level and needs.

Remember that you can also take classes lower than your level for a refresher, or challenge yourself by taking a higher level class on a familiar topic! You do not need to change your language level setting to sign up for a class at a different level.

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