How do I sign up for the Immerse Discord?

We recently launched our Discord server as a place where Members of the Immerse Community can come to connect outside of VR!

In this Discord you will be able to:

  • Share your story and connect with other members of Immerse
  • Receive important announcements
  • Chat with Immerse Staff
  • Respond to developers polls/feedback opportunities
  • Coordinate meet-ups - times to enter the Social Lounge with other members outside of class times
  • More...

How to Join the Immerse Discord

*Reminder* - You must follow these steps in order to have full access to the chat channels of the Immerse Discord.

1. Join the Discord


2. Read and Agree to the Rules

  1. Find the "Rules" section under the "Welcome" section.

  2. Read the Rules listed
  3. Accept the Rules by "reacting" to the bottom message with a thumbs up. This will indicate your acceptance of the rules to the server, and the entire will be unlocked to you!!!

3. Select Your Role

Now that you have access to the whole server, you need to be assigned a role so people know who you are.

  1. Go to the "Roles" section below the "Rules" section.
  2. Read all of the roles to know who is who.
  3. Select your target language (the language you want to learn) by clicking on the corresponding role flag.

You are now all set up in the Immerse Discord!

4. Introduce Yourself!

Now that you are all set up in the Immerse Discord, it is time to introduce yourself to the Immerse Community there. 

  1. Navigate to the "General" chat thread (this is where you will be most often).

  2. Write up a quick introduction and click enter.
  3. Engage with other peoples threads or go to the "Social Lounge" chat to plan a meet up!

5. (Recommended) Turn On Notifications

In order to be notified when friends message you, when meet ups are being scheduled, or when Immerse posts important announcement, you will need to turn notifications on.

  1. Find the "Immerse" icon on the far left server list 
  2. Right click on the icon
  3. Navigate to > Notifications Settings > All Messages

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