How to subscribe for membership with Immerse

When you create an account with Immerse with your email and password, you are still unsubscribed. You will need to start a subscription to access the Immerse platform.

Each subscription comes with a 14 day free trial membership that gives you unlimited access to all of Immerse's features, including classes, conversation events, AI practice, and the Commons. When the 14 day trial ends, you will be charged for membership unless you cancel your subscription.

Subscribing for Paid Membership on the Web App Using Stripe

  • Log in to your account on the web app.
  • On the Home page, click the blue View Membership Options button or follow the steps below:
    • Click your profile icon and select My Account.
    • Select the Subscription tab to the left of your screen.
    • Click on the green Subscription Options button.

  • Click the green Subscribe button below the plan that you wish to purchase.

  • Enter your payment information via Stripe.

Subscribing for Paid Membership in VR Using Meta


If Immerse has any active promotions, you will not have the ability to apply them if you subscribe in VR, as Meta's payment system does not accept Immerse promotions. To use a promotion, please subscribe through the web app as described above, even if you plan to use Immerse in VR.

  • Log into the Immerse VR app on your Meta Quest headset.
  • Interact with any of the main menu items to be prompted to "Become a member."

  • Complete your payment using one of your saved payment methods for Meta.

If you encounter any issues with subscribing to a paid membership, please contact Include details and a screenshot of the issue if possible.

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