Understanding Membership Options

Immerse offers multiple tiers of membership to suit the needs of all learners. At different levels of Membership, you have access to different amounts of live classes each month.

If you're looking to take more than 2 classes a week, try out our Mastery Tier that allows you to take an unlimited number of classes!

At each tier, you also have access to a number of resources to help you build fluency and connect with other Members:

  • Unlimited conversation practice in The Commons. The Commons is a public area for learners of the same language to meet up and practice conversations.
  • Your Homeroom - A private room where you can choose your appearance, access/join booked experiences, see your achievements, and review notes from classes you have attended.
  • Take a Trip - A private space for you to travel to Immerse Locations and continue the learning. You can even create private session codes so you and a friend can explore and learn together.
  • Immerse Discord - a social media platform only available by invite where Members can share resources, ask questions, and see photos and resources posted by Guides and Immerse Staff.

Immerse has a ton of fun features! Check out our main website for more information. 

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