Our Immerse Community Pages

  • Immerse has a Discord as a way for Members to practice language outside of VR while building community and friendships! 

What is it?

  • Our goal was to establish a space for our members to connect, interact, and socialize beyond our learning platform. Through these pages, members can exchange knowledge, plan their own gatherings, and discover opportunities to meet up and engage in open practice sessions. This allows for a more immersive experience and fosters a sense of community among our members.

Which community pages are available?

  • Joining the Immerse Community is easy! You can currently join by clicking the link to our Discord channel or Facebook Group . We welcome all who are interested in learning and connecting with others.

Our Facebook community page provides a space for members to connect with each other, share content, and participate in groups and chats. On the Immerse Discord server, we offer a variety of language channels for our community members to interact and communicate with each other.

How can I join?

Join from the Web App

You can also join from the "Join the Community" section of your Web App page.


You must read and agree to the Community rules and guidelines in order to have full access to the Chat Channels of the Immerse Discord and access our Facebook hub

What can you do within the Community?

  • Introduce yourself and share your story
  • Connect with other members
  • Receive important announcements
  • Get to know more about Immerse Guides
  • Give feedback through polls and suggestions


Being a part of this community means having a voice and actively contributing to the development of Immerse. Join us and see what else you can do!

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