Your Learning Journey

The Learning Journey

Desktop Visual

The Learning Journey is a visualization of your progress through each fluency level on your way to mastering a language. You can check your Learning Journey in your homeroom to see where you are improving and where you may need some more practice.

  • Check your progress - Your Homeroom floor shows a colorful visual to show your progress through the language functions at your fluency level
  • Earn points - Lessons, Events, and AI Practice Tasks all earn you points towards your Learning Journey. Check the language function tag on each learning opportunity to see what points you will earn from it. After you complete an activity, you will be celebrated with your points when you return to your Homeroom.

  • Unlock Stamps - As you complete each of the language function categories in a fluency level, you will unlock a stamp to commemorate your progress! Check the You tab of your Homeroom menu to see your stamp collection and a summary of your progress. Can you collect them all?

  • Learning More - Take the Learning Journey tutorial in the Tutorial tab in your Homeroom to learn how it works and how to start earning points and progressing towards fluency!

How to Access and Review Your Learning Journey

You can visualize your Learning Journey and track your progress from your Homeroom.

  1. Log into your Immerse Homeroom
  2. Click the You tab.
  3. Click the Progress button.
  4. Click Learning Journey.
  5. Review and click floor icons to familiarize yourself with the different components

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