How to unsubscribe from the Immerse email list

When sign up for Immerse Classes or participating some of our paid promotions, you may have opted-in to our mailing list newsletter, which is designed to provide you with information regarding our recent news, updates, and other upcoming products and services.

How to Unsubscribe

If you would no longer like to receive these updates, you can easily remove yourself from our mailing list by following these instructions:

  1. Going to your inbox and search "Immerse"
  2. Find any email sent to you from The Immerse Team (this will not work in ticket emails from our Support email).
  3. Scroll tot he bottom of the email and click on the "Unsubscribe" text link.
  4. You will now be unsubscribed.


Please note that this will not automatically cancel your Immerse Subscription (which allows you to access our platform).

For help with account related tasks, use the search bar or refer to the articles linked below.

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