How to set up my space for an Immerse class

Choose Sitting or Standing

You can take Immerse classes while you are seated or standing! The choice is yours. 

  • The Immerse VR Application will prompt you to choose your preference between sitting and standing when you join.

  • This setting will be saved for the next time, but you can change it at any time in your wrist menu:


Some classes will have you simply speaking with others in fun places, while others may have you waving your hands and giving out high-fives. You will need to determine what space in real life is best suited for your Immerse classes.

Set up your Guardian

Choose a space that: 

  • Is quiet enough that you can have a conversation without any background noise.
  • Has a strong and reliable Wi-Fi signal.
  • Has moderate lighting so the Quest headset can pick up your environment.
  • Is comfortable and has room to swing your arms at chest level around.
  • Is clear of obstructions for 6 feet in all directions if you are standing.

If you have questions about your orientation or physical space, contact our support team or ask your Guide in Immerse for help.

Need Extra Help Setting Up Your Guardian?

Watch this Quest 2 Guide to choosing your location and setting up your guardian:  

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