The Immerse app won't open on my VR headset


The Immerse VR app currently only supports Quest 2, Quest 3, or Quest Pro, so please make sure that you are using the proper device.

If the Immerse language app will not open when you use your VR headset, please follow these steps:

1. Reboot the VR headset by holding the bower button on the right side for 3 seconds.

2.  Check your Meta Quest Network Connection Speed (Low, Medium, High). If the connection speed is too slow, the app may not work properly.

3. Try re-downloading the Immerse language app from the Meta app store in order to make sure that you have the correct, latest version of the app.

4. Check to see if your VR device is paired and connected to your Meta Quest smartphone app on iPhone or Android. If they are connected, you can try syncing the apps like in this  video tutorial.
5. As a last resort if none of the solutions above work, try a factory headset reset as per  this tutorial.

If you encounter further trouble, please reach back out to our support team at

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