Taking Pictures in Immerse

There are two ways you can take pictures in the Immerse App: by taking a screenshot on your Quest headset and by taking a picture with camera found in your backpack. Both can be accessed in your Quest 2 Media Library.

Screenshots Using Controllers

To take a screen shot, press the right Oculus button on your right Oculus controller (flat button), while pressing the trigger of your right controller. The picture is saved to your Quest 2 Media Library.

Image of Oculus button

Photos with the Camera

To take a photos with your Immerse camera, take the camera out of your backpack. You can open the backpack by pressing the B button on your right controller. On the right you will see the camera. You can take a photo with the camera by pulling the trigger while you hold the camera.

Next, you will need to save the photo by following these steps:

  1. Take a photo with the camera
  2. While holding the photo, open the Backpack to the “Tools” side (zipper on the left). 
  3. Place the photo in the square “Save Zone” on the bottom right.
  4. Your photo is saved to your headset media folder!

Note: You are NOT able to save a photo by dropping it into an inventory "pocket" on the Inventory side of the backpack. 

Accessing Saved Photos

To access your photos from your Quest 2 Media Library you must:

  1. Press the Oculus button on your right controller to see the oculus menu bar.
  2. Click the pink "Arrow/Sharing" icon on the bottom menu bar. 

  3. This will open your most recent media, where you will be able to access your photos!

Want to share your photos? Check out this article to learn how!

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