Understanding the Desktop controls

After logging into Immerse on your PC/Mac desktop using the web application, you will immediately be taken to your Homeroom Space where you will find our different Tutorials.

These tutorials are designed to assist you in learning how to:

  • Move around
  • Interaction with and "use" objects
  • Use your Backpack
  • Understand Classes
  • Navigate your Learning Journey

We highly recommend that you practice before entering your first class or engaging with our community in the Commons and Explore areas.

Using a Trackpad?

Here is a quick guide for trackpad/touchpad controls on MacBook Pro & Air:

  • One-finger Drag => Move the mouse
  • One-finger Press & Drag => Rotate the avatar
  • One-finger Tap => Pick up an object
  • One-finger Double Tap => Teleport
  • Two fingers up and down (scroll wheel) = Zoom In/Out of a scene. 

Please be advised that the Immerse Team recommends using an external mouse if possible.

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