Where do I find my class notes to review?

In Immerse, you have the ability to receive, save, review, and access saved notes from Classes or experiences.

How to Review Past Class Notes

During a Class or Event, your Guide will send you notes, phrases, or instructions which you can see during that lesson.

  • These notes will also be sent to you in an email message after class.
  • You can view these same notes in the Review tab of the You menu in your Homeroom.

Before They Get Deleted!

Past class notes will be automatically deleted from the Review section of the Homeroom after a few days. You must save them to My Notes if you want to save them permanently.

If you do not save your class notes to My Notes in time, you can still find them in the email message from that class. Access them there for review!

Saving Notes in My Notes

You can permanently save any note you receive in an Immerse class or lesson. You can do this during the lesson or later in your Homeroom.

  • Press the A button on your RIGHT controller to open the wrist menu.
  • Select + My Notes to add to My Notes

Accessing My Notes

All notes in My Notes are accessible at any time and will never be deleted.

My Notes in VR

  • In VR, press the A button on your RIGHT controller to open your wrist menu.
  • You can also press and hold the A button to see the menu LARGER in front of you.
  • Select > Class Notes > My Notes to see all saved notes.
  • You will also be able to view Guide Notes - only from the class you are currently in.

My Notes on Desktop

  • In the browser application, select the My Notes button on the top right.
  • Select > My Notes tab

How to Review My Notes Offline

At this time, you are not able to review My Notes from the web app.

You can review My Notes by saving them onto your phone or computer from the email message that you received after class.

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