Why can't other people hear me?

There are several reasons why others in VR may not be able to hear you. 

Troubleshoot the following options to find your solution:

  • Your volume is too low
    • Try turning up your headset audio using the volume rocker under the right-hand side of your Quest 2.
  • You are muted
    • You may have accidentally muted yourself.
    • Click the mic button on the inside of your LEFT WRIST to toggle mute.
    • Alternatively, you can press the Y button on your left controller to quickly mute and unmute yourself.
    • Or go into your Quick Menu Setting tab!
  • You have not given "mic permissions" to the Immerse application. 
    • Upon launch of the application (the first time), you will be presented with a pop-up asking you to give the app permission to access your microphone. If you choose to deny access, you will receive reminder pop-ups asking you to do so, so that we can hear your lovely voice and you can actively participate in classes! :)
    • To turn on "mic permissions" , find the Immerse application tile in the Oculus App Menu. 
    • Click the three dot icon>permissions. 
    • Toggle mic permissions "ON." 
  • You have muted your microphone on the headset itself.
    • This could've been done on accident.
    • To unmute, go to your quick settings on the bottom left of the menu bar.
    • Unmute yourself.

If you still need help after trying these things, please contact our Support Team for help.

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