Immerse's Community Guidelines

The Immerse Community Guidelines:

1. Treat Others with Respect - Immerse is a global community in which people of many different backgrounds, identities and cultures are treated with respect.
  • Some examples of violations of this guideline:
    • Impersonating other members or guides.
    • Using/displaying defamatory, abusive, profane, threatening, offensive, sexist, racist, discriminatory or illegal speech, behavior, or content.
    • Harassment is not allowed. No disruptive trolling or inflammatory actions will be tolerated in any class or in The Commons.
    • Invading another members personal space, using abnormal physical behavior when around others, or not listening to the requests of others regarding personal space.  
2. Maintain a Positive Learning Environment - We commit to creating a safe, fun, and non-disruptive learning environment for each other, to foster growth, mutual respect, and belonging.
  • Some examples of violations of this guideline:
    • Not participating in the activities by ignoring other Members or staying on mute when working in a group.
    • Joining a class from a loud environment, and therefore disrupting the audio of the class
    • Interacting with objects and the scene in a way that is disruptive to others (i.e. randomly throwing objects at someone or moving away from where the learning is happening to explore on own)
  1. Privacy - Personal information learned from or given by others while in Immerse is not to be shared or used.

As a member, you are agreeing to follow these Guidelines any time you are in the app, including in classes, The Commons, on Discord, or async learning environments. Please report any and all violations of this Code of Conduct via our Member Report Form.

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