Immerse Community Guidelines

The Immerse Mission Statement is to:

Pioneer immersive language learning in the metaverse in a welcoming and vibrant community.

As a member, you are joining in our mission and agreeing to these Community Guidelines and are expected to adhere to its tenets. When in the Immerse platform or Community Page, it is the responsibility of all of our users to uphold these expectations and report on their violations. Please report any and all violations of these Community Guidelines to

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Dignity, Diversity, & Inclusion

Maintain a Positive Learning Environment


Suspension /Termination


  • Meta’s Code of Conduct must be followed
  • You must adhere to our Terms of Service in acknowledging that you are 18 or older. Minors are not permitted within the platform even with parental supervision and will be promptly removed.
  • Individual accounts/memberships cannot have multiple users. Among other reasons, the communal quality of our educational experience is dependent upon our users being properly matched with other users of similar learner levels and building relationships. 
  • All defamatory, abusive, profane, threatening, offensive, sexist, racist, discriminatory or illegal speech, behavior, or content is not permitted.
  • Reverse engineering, stealing, extracting or ripping content from Immerse is strictly prohibited.
  • Marketing, promoting, advertising, or soliciting unauthorized products, services, events, or invitations within Immerse is prohibited.

The Immerse Community:

All Members must follow the Immerse Community Guidelines

  • Respect

    • Be respectful to everyone you encounter. We strive to create and maintain a global community in which people of many different backgrounds and cultures are treated with respect. Act and lead with integrity, bring a sense of humility and honor to your learning journey and those of others. 
    • We ask that you: 
      • Listen to others without judgment and be open to learning from different perspectives. 
      • Engage in productive and respectful discussions and be willing to reconsider your own beliefs and opinions.
      • Respect others' boundaries and ask for consent before sharing personal information.
      • Act with kindness and empathy, treating others how you would like to be treated. Show compassion and understanding towards others, and be mindful of your words and actions.

Some examples of violations of this guideline:

    • Impersonating other members or guides.
    • Using/displaying defamatory, abusive, profane, threatening, offensive, sexist, racist, discriminatory or illegal speech, behavior, or content.
    • Harassment, disruptive trolling, bullying, inflammatory actions abuse, and/or threats of any kind
    • Invading another member's personal space, using any physical behavior that would not be appropriate in real life, or not listening to the requests of others regarding personal space.
    • Promoting, encouraging, or participating in illegal behaviors (ie. robbing a bank, pretending to sell or do drugs, stabbing someone).
  • Dignity, Diversity, & Inclusion

    • Respect other people’s opinions; a healthy discussion is encouraged, but please do not devalue anyone else’s thoughts or comments if you disagree with them.
    • We ask that you:
      • Are mindful and respectful of the linguistic background of others – while engaging in immersive language conversation, remember that not everybody learning alongside you may speak your native language.
      • Actively embrace other students, faculty, and staff from all backgrounds and perspectives by treating them with respect, care, and fairness.
      • Make your peers feel included in lessons, events, meetups, and social gatherings regardless of race, class, nationality, gender, sexuality, ability, religion, or political affiliation. 

Some examples of violations of this guideline:

    • Constantly correcting, arguing with, or being rude to another user in Immerse or our Community Page threads, instead of letting them get their message out.
    • Complaining about who you were paired with during an activity or refusing to work with certain people because of their accent, proficiency level, gender, age, race, or experience
    • Telling someone that their beliefs/values/thoughts/opinions are wrong or stupid.
  • Maintain a Positive Learning Environment 

    • We commit to creating a safe, fun, and non-disruptive learning environment for each other, to foster growth, mutual respect, and belonging.
    • We ask that you:
      • Ask your peers for help and lend a helping hand yourself. 
      • Lean into exchanging ideas with each other to spark new, more creative ideas that bring us one step closer to our shared goals.
      • Are helpful to others who are experiencing Immerse for the first time or experiencing friction in their learning journey.

Some examples of violations of this guideline:

    • Not participating in the activities by ignoring other Members or staying on mute when working in a group, not responding to questions asked by your partner, or talking to someone in your real life environment.
    • Joining a class from a loud environment and not muting, therefore disrupting the audio of the class
    • Interacting with objects and the scene in a way that is disruptive to others (i.e. randomly throwing objects at someone or moving away from where the learning is happening to explore on own)
    • Constantly talking over or interrupting the Guide or other members
    • Jumping in and out of class repeatedly to take phone calls, speak with others in your background, or for any other reason.
  • Privacy

    • Personal information learned from or given by others while in Immerse is not to be shared.
    • We ask that you:
      • Respect everyone’s privacy in conversations by obtaining consent before sharing any sensitive or personal information they disclose. 
      • Set and communicate personal boundaries around the information you desire to have kept private. If no boundaries are set, the assumption should be that all personal information is private.  
      • Are thoughtful in inquiring about personal details (I.e someone's financial, employment, or relationship status) unless that information is shared freely.
    • In line with our own standards, Immerse is committed to respect the privacy of our members and of visitors to our application. We do not sell, rent, or share any personally-identifiable information shared by visitors without their consent. To learn more, please view our Privacy Policy.

Some examples of violations of this guideline:

    • Sharing personal data such as email addresses and phone numbers of others
    • Looking up the company another member mentioned working for in class, and posting on Discord/Facebook a link to their employee profile
    • Sharing information about another member's family that you learned in class, outside of class (DOBs, locations, professions, etc.)
    • Discussing another user’s salary, relationship status, or medical history


  • If your account has been flagged with a violation of these Community Guidelines, our Customer Support Team will make direct contact and take appropriate action on a case by case basis. 
  • Disciplinary action may range from a formal warning, a temporary or longer term suspension, up to the termination and deactivation of your membership.
  • How we report conduct violations:
    • Staff-observed member misconduct is tracked in internal notes for every session. Once it becomes frequent enough to be an issue, Customer Support will send a warning message. 
    • Extreme misconduct can result in automatic removal from the session and temporary suspension of the account until Customer Support can make contact to manage the misconduct case. 

Any member that witnesses misconduct from another person is responsible to these Community Guidelines to report any misconduct to Immerse by writing into, at which point our team will address the misconduct. 

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