What access do I have after I cancel my subscription?

During Your Last Paid (or Trial) Period

Trial Members - those members who cancel during the 14 day free trial, will retain full access throughout the 14 days, regardless of when they cancel.

Subscribers - Members who are subscribed, been charged a billing period, and then cancel their account will retain full, unlimited access to Immerse until the end of the paid period (the remaining days from the last payment).

After Your Last Paid Period/Trial

After either period expires - whether a paid period or a trial - there will no longer be access to booking or any of the Immerse features.

Members will be able to enter the Immerse Application, view the HomeRoom, but will need to subscribe to have access to any of the platforms key features.

You will have permanent access to:

  • The "You" menu from the HomeRoom to review saved notes from when you were subscribed.
  • The Immerse Discord.

If you have questions or need help with cancelation, please contact support.

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