How can I practice with the app without using a class credit?

Great news! Immerse now has several features for Members that are accessible 24/7 with any Membership Plan. 🥳

1. Home room - This should be your first stop after the Immerse tutorial! Here you can join any upcoming classes you have scheduled, change your appearance, marvel at your achievements, and review notes/vocab from previous classes you have taken.

2. The Commons - This is a public space where you can connect with other members to practice speaking. We also have staffed hours, where you can jump in and speak to one of our Language Guides or ask questions!

3. Take a Trip - This is a private space for you to explore several different scenes and activities. However, if you'd prefer for a friend or two to join you, simply create a private session code to share with them!

4. Discord - Join the Immerse Discord to arrange meet-ups with other members, practice your Spanish outside of class, or ask a Guide a question! See how to join here.

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