App Update: April 29th, 2024

🚀 What’s New


(For Members in their trial only)

This new class attendance mode is now available only for members within their free trial period so that new learners can get a sense of what Immerse classes are all about with no initial pressure to participate!

Desktop View:

VR View:

Observer in VR

More Details...

👉 Click here to learn how to Join in Observer Mode!

As an observer you can:

  • Move freely about the classroom space.
  • Be seen as floor-tokens by the Guide only (name included).
  • Enter as a participating member (within the first 10 minutes of lesson/timer) by clicking “Join” at the top of desktop screen OR left wrist of VR hand.
    • However, you can join a Connect at any time! No hurry!
  • Choose to observe for all of the trial time you have. After the trial, this option will go away.

As an observer you cannot:

  • Interact with any objects.
  • Be seen by any participating members (no name listed on entry notification, but IS listed in Setting Menu for all).
  • Join after the 10 minute lesson timer expires.
  • Communicate with anyone in the session. You can NOT unmute yourself.


Several scenes in Immerse have received amazing visual improvements. Hop into Immerse and book classes for your chance to explore!

Backyard BBQ

Coffee Shop

Deserted Island


We added a subtle head and hands animations that now play when you are talking (on Desktop only) to make your Avatar look more natural! 


Portal doors for each core offerings (learn, connect, practice, play, tutorials, and you) now have a one time message that shows the first time a user selects one of those options. The message is a brief description of what the core offering is about, and can be viewed again by pressing the "?" icon on that door.


In VR, all popups, menus, and panels that present in front of the member can now be grabbed and moved with the grab button.


Moving close to another player will now make their name and/or coin visual transparent to prevent visual disruption.


We added black and white as a color option to the color selection wheel when using a marker!

🛠  Bug Fixes/Improvements

  • Instructions are now spawn-able to your hand like a prompt card.
  • Spawn-able instructions and prompt cards can now be enlarged and placed in mid air.
  • Internal clock/time references will now reflect standard for the region (12 hour or 24 hour clock). 
  • Some fonts have been updated to create more cohesion through the app.
  • Pointer on desktop has been improved to reduce the amount of stutter.
  • Throwing a frisbee on desktop now shows a correct throwing animation.
  • The mouth of an avatar will now no longer move when that avatar has been muted.
  • Fixed bug where class fluency levels for Foundations and Beginner were switched when filtered on the Schedule page and when display language was set to Spanish.
  • Resolved schedule issues between time zones (sessions that would start before midnight and end after midnight were not showing correctly for users).
  • Cursor now usable when opening file browser on desktop.
  • (Desktop Only) Grab indicator will no longer show when you are already holding an object.
  • Fixed issue where guide would lose access to previous Class Notes if they disconnect and reconnect.
  • Fixed placement of object when Meta avatar is holding something and sitting down (previously object was not aligned with hands).
  • Whiteboard placement issue resolved (occasionally when students joined a lesson after the guide had put down AND moved whiteboards, the whiteboards would not show in the new place for the students).
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