Joining as an Observer (Trial Only)

Observer Mode Overview:

This new class attendance mode is now available only for members within their free trial period so that new learners can get a sense of what Immerse classes are all about, with no initial pressure to participate! Once your free trial ends, this feature will no longer be accessible.

Observer on Desktop
Observer in VR

More Details...

As an observer you can:

  • Move freely about the classroom space.
  • Be seen as floor-tokens by the Guide only (name included).
  • Enter as a participating member (within the first 10 minutes of lesson/timer) by clicking “Join” at the top of desktop screen OR left wrist of VR hand.
    • However, you can join a Connect at any time! No hurry!
  • Choose to observe for all of the trial time you have. After the trial, this option will go away.

As an observer you cannot:

  • Interact with any objects.
  • Be seen by any participating members (no name listed on entry notification, but IS listed in Setting Menu for all).
  • Join after the 10 minute lesson timer expires.
  • Communicate with anyone in the session. They con NOT unmute themselves. A notification denying this action will pop up if they try.

How to Join as an Observer

  1. When going to join a lesson or connect > You will have the option to Join or Observe.
    1. (Lesson does not need to be booked ahead of time for the observe option to show. If the class is live (and within the first 10 minutes) and you are in your free trial, then the observe button will show).
    2. Screenshot 2024-04-24 at 12.53.56 PM.png

  2. After clicking Observe, you will see one more screen describing what you are going to be doing, and asking you to Confirm.
    1. You will then confirm and will then enter the class and wait on the guide to admit you.
      1. Keep in mind: a Guide will only admit you if you enter within the first 10 minutes of a lesson.

If you have any issues accessing this feature within your free trial or experience any problem joining, please contact

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