App Update: October 9th, 2023

🚀 What’s New


The Learning Journey is the culmination of your progress through each fluency level as you make your way to mastering a language. You can check your Learning Journey in your homeroom to see where you are improving and where you may need some more practice.

  • Check your progress - Your Homeroom floor now shows a colorful visual to show your progress through the language functions at your fluency level
  • Earn points - Lessons, Events, and AI Practice Tasks now all earn you points towards your Learning Journey! Check the language function tag on each learning opportunity to see what points are available for the available activities. After each activity you complete, you will be celebrated with your points upon returning to your Homeroom.

  • Unlock Stamps - As you complete each of the language function categories per fluency level, you can unlock a stamp to commemorate your progress on your journey to fluency! Check your stamp collection and a summary of your progress in your “You” menu. Can you collect them all?
  • Learning More - Take the new Learning Journey tutorial in the tutorial menu to learn all about how it works and what you can do to start earning points and progressing towards fluency!


🤔 Are you unsure what fluency level you should be at?

Take the placement test that is available in your account settings in the homeroom (within the “You” menu).

📈 Want to know if you are ready to progress to the next level?

Take the Assessment by clicking on the Progress button in the "You" menu.

Don't worry, we will also send you reminders to take this assessment as you make progress so that you always know when it is time to level up!


We are introducing 5 NEW AI Practice Scenes!

  • Networking event - Practice expressing your understanding, the pros and cons of different solutions, and giving opinions in this new rooftop networking space
  • Central Park - Practice talking to friends, stating what you can and cannot do, and remembering some of your favorite memories in this new autumn themed park
  • Garage - Practice expressing what needs to be done, asking for/receiving help, and the placement of items in this new well-equipped and lively garage
  • Resort - Practice ordering drinks for friends, expressing your hopes and wishes, and how to apologize for missing an activity in this luxurious vacation spot
  • Doctor’s Office - Practice how to express not feeling well, how to best care for yourself, and how to care for someone else in need inside the new modern and comfortable hospital

👀 Here is a sneak peek of Central Park!


You can now view pre-lesson material on the homeroom portal door when looking through the available lessons in the “Learn” menu. This material will give you a snapshot of what to expect in the lesson so you can be more prepared! You can also use the text translation tool on this content if you want to understand it more or save it to your notes (just point at the text and select any word or sentence to get a popup that has the translation, similar words, and example sentences using that word)

The same pre-lesson material will be viewable in the new "Resources" tab that is available on a lesson detail page of the WebApp. This material will give you a snapshot of what to expect in the lesson so you can be more prepared!

👏 Good news 👏

You can also download this material from the WebApp to your computer or phone so that you can review offline!


The community asked, and we responded! Members can now update the fluency level and the target language of your account right from the “You” menu of your HomeRoom! You no longer have to go to the web app to update these settings.

🔥 Improvements

  • Microphone Detection Added - Upon logging in, our system will automatically detect activity on your microphone. If we do not detect anything, we will let you know so that you can update this before joining a lesson or event
  • Meta AI Avatars - All AI practice avatars have been updated to use Meta avatars.
  • AI Avatar Characterization - All AI practice avatars have been updated to have more backstory to their character and more accurate responses based on the tasks to complete
  • Tutorial Breakdown - The general tutorial has now been split up into separate tutorials so that you can practice individual skills without having to take the full tutorial. Some of these tutorials have also been updated with more to practice so you have everything you need before joining your first lesson or event!
  • Class Note Organization - Your notes in the “Review” tab of your “You” menu have been organized per lesson so that it is easier to go through your notes and review after a lesson has been completed.
  • Schedule Optimization - Lessons that had previously been only available to certain regions/servers are now available to everyone! If you are joining a lesson outside of your region, you will get a message to inform you so that you are always aware of the types of lessons you are joining.

🛠  Bug Fixes

  • Past class notes in the “Review” tab have been optimized to reduce lag it caused some members with a lot of notes
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