Audio: How to change your mic input

  • To launch the app from your browser, go to the WebApp. Note: Google Chrome is required.
  • If you need to change your audio input after you have launched the Immerse browser app, you will need to click on the mic or camera icon in your browser's search bar to select a new microphone; you cannot do this from the voice settings of the browser app. Follow the steps below to change your audio input.

The voice setting of the browser app will always say the following for your mic (NVIDIA Virtual Audio...), even after you've changed it. When your mic is working and you are able to be heard the green slider will move to the right the louder you speak.

To change your mic input, click the mic or camera on the left side of your search bar to open the following window. Then click "Manage".

A new tab will open to Google settings, where you can change the Mic input.

After changing your mic input, make sure to close out of your previous NVIDIA tab, and launch the app again from the home page. Follow the same steps above until you find a mic input that allows you to be heard and the green slider is moving when you speak.

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