App Update: February 26, 2022

Student Access Key

For added security, students are now required to enter their organization's Student Access Key to enter the Immerse application. This means that when students update their headset to the latest version of Immerse, they will be prompted to enter an access key before they can begin.
Note: Access keys are different than lesson codes.  Access keys need only be input into the Immerse app once by a student. They are not used to enter a lesson.

An additional benefit of this added layer of security is the ability to white-label the student menu with your school's logo. Students will see your logo as soon as they input your organization's Student Access Key.

If you are an Immerse partner school, you have already been assigned a Student Access Key that should be sent to your students.
If you are an administrator at your institution and you are unsure of the Student Access Key assigned to your organization please contact
(The screen of a virtual laptop displays "Enter your Access Key," field to enter the key, and "Don't know your access key? Contact your school to get it!")

Student Lobby

Learners can now enter the lobby before their teacher arrives! This means learners with the same lesson code can connect and socialize with one another in Immerse before their lesson begins.

To enter the student lobby before a lesson:

  • Enter your lesson code.
  • Select "Join Lobby."


(The screen of a virtual laptop displays "Enter your Access Key," field to enter the key, and "Don't know your access key? Contact your school to get it!")

New in-scene interactivity

We added a host of new interactive elements into our scenes to provide more agency to students and give your instructional designers more options for designing rich learning experiences. Note the updates below!

RC Car - Shopping Center

Students can now drive RC cars using the thumbstick on their controller.


Balloon - Backyard, Park, Resort, Zoo

Students can now pick up a balloon on a string.


Balloon Pump - Backyard 

Students can now pump up balloons with the balloon pump.


Basket - Shopping Center

Students can now place items in shopping baskets that can be carried around the Shopping Center.


Credit Card Terminal - Bar, Café, Fast Food, Gym, Hotel, Restaurant, Shopping Center

Students can now insert credit cards into the card readers.


Kite - Backyard, Park, Resort

Students can now fly a kite. Grabbing the kite object will cause it to float on a kite string.


Hula Hoop - Backyard, Park, Shopping Center

Students can now hula hoop by attaching the hula hoop object to their waist.


Soda Vending Machine - Meeting Room, Airport

Students can now purchase and select sodas from the vending machines.


Paper Airplane - City Center, Meeting Room, Central Park

Students can now toss paper airplanes that will sail through the air like they do in real life.


Toaster - Home, Kitchen

Students can now toast bread in the toasters.


Growing Plants - Home, Nature, Backyard

Students can now water plants with watering cans and see them grow.



Additions Not Pictured...

ATM - Bar, Gym, Hotel 

The ATM is now interactive and will distribute money.

Skateboard - Garage

Students can now build a custom skateboard in the garage.

Coffee Machine - Café, Everyday, Hotel, Meeting, Networking, Restaurant

Students can now dispense coffee from the single-serve coffee machines.

Toilets - Everyday, Hotel

Students can now flush toilets.

Fixes and Improvements

  • VR hand states - Students now grab objects with a more natural hand positionvr_hand_states_gif.gif                                                                      (GIF of a character putting on a hat and holding a cup and a glass)
  • Sound Effects settings - Students can now control the volume of their environment using the SFX setting in their settings menu
  • vr_sfx_settings_gif.gif                                                              (GIF of using the wrist dial to open the settings menu and adjust the volume slider)
  • Loading screen improvements - We've made improvements to the loading screen that displays in between scene transitions
  • desktop_load_screen_gif.gif                                                              (GIF of a character teleporting, followed by an Immerse logo screen that says "Loading Scene...")
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