Opening the Immerse Application on Mac

You will need to follow these steps to open the Immerse application on your Mac after a download or update.

You will only need to complete this process once after the Immerse application has completed downloading.

  1. Drag the Immerse icon into your application Folder and "replace" the old file.


    (Left-hand image: the Immerse Desktop app icon next to an Applications folder; right-hand image: a pop-up message with an option to replace the old file with the new one)

    Tip: You should also drag and drop the application icon into your permanent dock.

  2. Right-click to open the Immerse application in the dock.

    1. Note: Double-clicking instead will result in the following message:

      (A pop-up warning says "'Immerse Desktop' cannot be opened because the developer cannot be verified")
    2. Instead, right-click on the application icon and select "open."


      (Left-hand image: "Open" is selected in drop-down menu above the Immerse icon in a Mac dock; right-hand image: a pop-up warning says "macOS cannot verify the developer of 'Immerse Desktop'. Are you sure you want to open it?")


  3. Allow the Immerse application "microphone access."

    (A pop-up message with the message "'Immerse Desktop' would like to access the microphone" and the options "Don't Allow" and "OK")
  4. The Immerse application will now open!

If you continue to have trouble accessing the Immerse Application, contact our support team.

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