How to Use "Observer Mode"

This mode is meant for any person who is approved for the observation of a live class within the Immerse Application.

Steps to Log In as an Observer

  1. Click on the "Profile" Button in the top right corner of the login screen

  2. Choose "Observer"

  3. Enter the Lesson Code associated with the lesson you would like to Observe

  4. Enter and wait for the teacher to "Admit" you

  5. Observe the lesson


In Observer Mode, you:

  • Are not represented by an Avatar

  • Can not be seen or heard by teacher or student (similar to being a fly on the wall)

  • The Teacher will know of your presence, as they will be asked to allow you in the scene as the observer.

  • Just like with student login, there must be teacher in a live lesson to be able to log in as an observer.

  • You are not bound by an Avatar character, so you can fly around the scene to find the best vantage point to view the lesson from.

  • Can record the lesson being observed (saved to desktop automatically)

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