App Update: October 16, 2021

3D Pen

Students now have access to a 3D pen in their backpacks! This pen allows them to draw in mid-air. 3D drawing unlocks a world of creativity for students and teachers.This pen makes it possible to do Visual Webs, 3D Mind Maps, 3D Pictionary and so much more!

To use the 3D pen:

  • Open your backpack.

  • Grab the pen by pressing the "grab" button on your controller.

  • Press and hold the "trigger" button to draw.

To delete drawings:

  • Hover the tip of you pen over the line you want to delete.

  • When it lights up red, pull the trigger.

(1st-person view of a red pen tracing the outline of a character, drawing on a table, and tracing the rim of a can of paint)

Creation Stations

This update we have introduced some additional interactions that allow students to build and create new things during lessons. Students can now build a burger to order in the fast food scene, build their favorite ice cream cone in the Backyard BBQ, Central Park and the Zoo, or build and paint a chair in Garage!

These interactions allow you to plan lessons where students can clearly communicate instructions and preferences and can be used to do a variety of different types of language work.

Moving forward, we plan to continue adding unique and exciting new ways for students to build and create in Immerse, with the goal of supporting deeper internalization of language. Stay tuned!

Burger Making:

(1st-person view of building a burger and handing it to another character)

Ice Cream Cone Crafting:

(1st-person view of scooping ice cream onto a cone at an outdoor table set for a birthday party)

Chair Building and Painting:

(!st=person view of building a folding wooden chair in a garage by adding slats)

Sticky Trays and Plates

To allow more user-friendly interaction with plates and trays, students and teachers can now stick items to these surfaces. This allows users to pass plates and trays full of food and drinks naturally without having to worry about items falling off. Bring your food-based lessons to life by having students create custom recipes to share with others!

Sticky Tray:

(1st-person view of placing a burger and fries on a tray at a fast-food restaurant and handing it to another character)

Student Manager Team Changes

We've adjusted the Student Manager to allow for 4 distinct audio channels in Immerse. When Team Chat is toggled "On," the Blue team (Default Audio Channel) functions as its own independent audio channel so teachers can now effectively create 4 separate audio groups.

Additionally, students will be able to more easily identify partners by looking for their Team Number. Students grouped together in the same team will see a number below their avatar. Students can quickly gather in a team by looking for the team number.

Fixes and Improvements:

  • Teacher Tutorial additions

  • Push Notification system improvements

  • Improvement to the visual of sitting in VR

  • Color system update: Darts and arrows turn students' player color when thrown/used

  • Better indicators for when you are wearing things on your face or head

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