Student Support Panel

Teachers can send short gifs to students to explain how to grab objects, teleport, give a thumbs-up, and more.

  1. Click the “Controls” button in the bottom right corner.

    (A character stands in a lobby; in the lower right, an icon shaped like a game controller is circled)
  2. Choose the student question you need to answer.

    (An "In-App Support" menu displays a list of student FAQs; the first question is selected, and the "Show Students" button at the bottom right is circled)
  3. Click on “Show Students."

  4. The gif/animation appears in the students' view.


  • All students will see the visual until it is turned off.

  • Students will see only the visual without words. The words are for guiding your support as a teacher.

  • Provide additional instructions as necessary.

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