Classroom Managment

We have built in a few helpful tools to support you in managing your VR Class.


Focus Mode

Teachers can use “Focus” Mode to focus attention. Learners cannot move in the location, grab items, or open their backpack when Focus Mode is active.

  1. Click “Focus Mode” to enable.

  2. Focus Mode will remain on, until you switch it back off.

  3. Student teleporting and object grabbing are both disabled during Focus Mode.


Students will be notified when this feature is turned on and off.

Clear All Objects

When you or a student grab an object, a new object is created. When too many objects are in a scene, you can clear the objects to reset the scene.

  1. Click the “Broom” icon to clear all objects.

  2. All created objects are reset.

  3. After reset, you can create an object by grabbing it once again.


Please note: This feature will clear any created objects, including student photos, notes, and 3D Drawings


Use the megaphone to make a scene wide announcement.

  1. Click and hold the megaphone button to activate.

  2. Speak your announcement while holding the button.

  3. Release the button to deactivate this feature.



The megaphone feature will broadcast to all "audio teams" at once. Use this feature with the audio teams to direct the whole class without having to join individual audio channels.

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