Student Manager

VR spaces are like real-world spaces, allowing for a more authentic audio experience because the magic of VR allows you to engage learners in unique ways.

The Student Manager allows you to change how your students experience audio during their Virtual Reality lesson. Student audio in Immerse can be experienced in two ways:

  1. Proximity Audio - sounds adjust based on the position of the speaker in the scene

  2. Team Audio - isolated audio channel

Use the Student Manager to manage your students.

  1. Click the “Student Manager.”

  2. Drag your students into the teams or use “Auto Assign” to automatically place students in teams.


  3. Student "floor-rings" will change to contain the number of their assigned team.


Proximity Audio

*Proximity* Audio is like real-life sound. *Proximity* means nearness, or closeness, in relation to others. Proximity Voice means your students will hear others based on how near or far others are in the location.

  1. Click the “Student Manager.”

  2. Click the button next to “Toggle Proximity Voice.” This will mimic real-life audio.

  3. Teams can talk privately by working farther away from the other team. It will sound like a group working on a different side of the room.


Proximity Voice is the default audio setting in Immerse.

Team Audio

Use “Toggle Team Chat” to create virtual breakout teams. Students will only hear their team.

  1. Click the “Student Manager.”

  2. Click the button next “Toggle Team Chat.” This will isolate the audio in the teams.

  3. Listen in by dragging your “Name Bubble” into the team. Students are not notified when you join their audio team.


"Observer Mode" has its own audio channel settings. Observers will have control of what audio team they are in, and can change on the fly.

Mute Students to Each Other

Are all of your students in the same room? The “Mute Students to Each Other” toggle can be used if students are listening to each other’s real-life voice instead of listening to their voices through the app.

“Mute Students to Each Other” should be turned “On” when students are in the same physical classroom and can hear one another.

  1. Click the “Student Manager.”

  2. Click “Mute Students to Each Other.”


Mute All Students

You can “Mute All Students.” Clicking this button will mute all of your students, but will not mute you. You will be able to speak to your class freely without interruption.

  1. Click the “Student Manager.”

  2. Click “Mute All”

  3. You can Mute a single student by clicking the "Mic" icon on their name tag in the scene or in the student manager.


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