Why Desktop VR?

Immerse VR presents the VR experience differently for Teachers and Students. You, as the teacher, will use our Desktop VR application. Students, as the learner, will use the Head-mounted VR device and controllers.

Teachers and students have different responsibilities in the classroom. Using Head-mounted VR, students have more freedom of movement to work with objects, interact with peers, and enjoy their time in the immersive virtual environment. Teachers need to be able to monitor students, focus student attention, organize students into groups, present learning content, provide scaffolding, assessment, classroom management, and so much more.

To ensure the most positive teaching and learning experience, teachers have a powerhouse of tools that can be easily used through a laptop, taking advantage of the current skills and abilities of teachers who facilitate only learning.

Using a Laptop for teachers, enables you to:

  • Carefully monitor student interactions in VR

  • Provide scaffolding at point of need with the click of a button

  • Use the keyboard to type text, rather than writing by hand

  • Access lesson plans, notes, external links, slides and other resources

  • Provide a more student-centered experience while in VR

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