Teacher Tutorial

Learn the Immerse basics in the Tutorial:

  1. Click the “Grad Cap” in the Login Screen.

    (The Immerse login screen with fields to enter a 4-digit code and instructor name; icons in the upper right corner include a graduation cap)
  2. Click “Start Tutorial.”

    (On the Immerse login screen, a dropdown menu below the graduation cap has options to "Start Tutorial" and "Go to Help Center")
  3. Click through to complete the tutorial.

    (A character stands in a conference room; a message reads "Welcome to the Tutorial!" above a Start button)

You are ready to navigate and facilitate lessons!


Explore Mode

Plan in Immerse using the Explore mode:

  1. Launch the Immerse Desktop application.

  2. Click on the “Globe” icon to enter the Explore Mode.

    (On the Immerse login screen, a pop-up below the globe icon in the upper right has a field to "Enter 4 digit code" and an "Explore" button)
  3. Enter your 4-digit Lesson Code.

    (The code 1234 has been entered in the field above the "Explore" button in the pop-up)

You are ready to plan and practice!

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