Accessing Immerse

To make teaching as easy as possible, we created a simple solution to help you get started with Immerse.

We use a two-step access system to protect you and your learners.

Access Keys

Access Keys are alphanumeric codes unique to each institution using Immerse.


Access Keys should not be shared with others as they may contain information proprietary to your institution.

Ask your administrator for your institution-specific Access Key!

  • Your Access Key is required when you open the Immerse application for the first time.

    (A pop-up prompts the user to "Enter your Access Key to continue.")
  • You can change the Access Key by resetting it in "gear icon" at top right of your login screen.

    (On the Immerse login screen, a dropdown menu in the upper left corner displays the choices "Edit Access Key" and "Test Video Chat")

Lesson Codes

Lesson Codes are unique 4-digit numeric classroom identification codes. Each teacher using the app is assigned a unique Lesson Code.


Lesson codes are shared with students attending a class in Immerse and are entered to "Start a Lesson."

Begin your classes using your Immerse Lesson Code:

(The Immerse login screen displays the text "Enter the details below to begin teaching" and a prompt to enter a 4-digit code and an instructor name)
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