VR Application Troubleshooting - Re-Download or Update in Headset

Students from time to time might experience unknown complications with being admitted to a class, being seeing by the instructor, or having more complicated errors with being in the VR Headset Application. If this is the case, the Customer Success Team might recommend the following as instruction.

VR Application - Troubleshooting Solutions

There are two primary solutions when the VR Application has an unknown problem:

1. Update the Application

If you click the Immerse App in the Apps Menu, this message will appear. Click "Update Now" to install the latest version.


To verify your Immerse application has been updated follow the steps below.

  1. Click the 3 dots on the Immerse app + click "See Details"Screen_Shot_2021-08-17_at_4.21.35_PM.png
  2. Click "Update" on the Immerse Application Main Screen to Download the lated versionScreen_Shot_2021-08-17_at_4.46.19_PM.png

2. Re-Download the Application

If the Immerse Application has been successfully updated, and the problem persists, follow the steps below to reset your application:

  1. Click the 3-Dot Menu Button on the Immerse App Tile and Select "Uninstall"Screen_Shot_2021-08-17_at_4.52.45_PM.png
  2. Accept the "Uninstall" (this will not delete the Application Tile)Screen_Shot_2021-08-17_at_4.54.18_PM.png
  3. Navigate back to the Immerse Application Tile and Click on the "Install" icon.Screen_Shot_2021-08-17_at_4.55.21_PM.png

If both of these troubleshooting tips fail to fix the issue, please contact the Immerse Customer Success Team with a detailed description of the issue for further support. 

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