How to Navigate in the Immerse Desktop Instructor Application

Navigation in the Instructor Application


  1. To move your character, use the letters “W,A,S,D” (recommended) on your keyboard or use the arrow keys
  2. Click and hold the screen with your mouse and drag to the side to change your view (just like you would on Google Maps)

Tip:  To walk smoothly from location to location press and hold the “W key” on your keyboard while pressing down on your mouse — simply drag your mouse from left to right to change the direction you are walking. 

Changing Your Point of View

  1. To change your vantage point, use your mouse or your touchpad to scroll in and out from 1st person view to 3rd person view. 
  2. The "Q" and "E" keys will also toggle your point of view

Tip:  It’s most helpful to position your camera’s point of view in 3rd person when you want to see everything that is happening in the scene or you want to do things like place a whiteboard or scoreboard. 1st person is most helpful when you are directly interacting with your students or objects in the scene. Regardless of your point of view, the direction of your point of view dictates where your eyes are looking. If you cannot remember to turn your “gaze” to students when speaking to them, click the “spacebar” and you will auto-face your students. 




  1. To teleport click any of the glowing blue circles (teleporters) located on the floor throughout the scene

Tip:  Use teleporters to quickly get from one place to another.  




  1. Seats that you can sit down on have a blue “sit” icon hover over them. Click these icons to sit.
  2. To stand up, click on the seat icon that presents itself at the bottom of your screen

Tip: When seated you are unable to change your character. If you’d like to change your character make sure you change it before taking a seat.


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