Setting Up Your Instructor Desktop Application

The Immerse Instructor Desktop Application is the application instructors use to facilitate VR learning experiences within the Immerse Virtual Language Experience Platform (VLEP). This application is different from the student application in the following ways:

  • It is a 2-D application for your desktop. 
  • It has an Instructor interface with facilitation tools that students cannot access in VR.
  • It allows instructors to control their avatar in the virtual world from a first person and a third person point of view. 
  • Instructors can view students' movement and interaction in the virtual world.
  • It is the only way for Instructors to login and begin a VR experience. 

Accessing the Instructor App 

  1. Upon opening the application for the first time you will be prompted to input an Access Key. Contact your institution’s administrator if you do not know your Access Key. (This is a “one time” setup step. This key will be saved automatically after you input it.)
  2. After you have installed the Application for the first time, you will only be allowed to continue after you have saved a valid Access Key.


  1. In the future, to change your Access Key click the “gear” icon in the top left corner of your screen.
  2. Click “Edit Access Key.”
  3. Save new/updated Access Key.



Tip: Your institution’s administrator is responsible for providing you with your Access Key. If you have questions, please raise them with your administrator and they will be in touch with our team. 


Click here to learn how to begin a VR English lesson. 

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