Installing the Immerse Student VR Application To Your VR Headset

Immerse operates as an education technology partner for institutions and does not currently offer VR language learning programs directly to students. Because of this, the Immerse student VR application is not freely accessible on the Oculus store; users must request access to download and use it in their VR headset. 

Follow these steps to successfully add the Immerse student VR application to your VR headset: 

  1. Unbox and setup your new VR headset
  2. Confirm your email account registered on the VR headset (this is the email associated with the Facebook account used to login to the Oculus account) 
  3. Share your email address registered to the VR headset with your Immerse dedicated support manager
  4. Immerse will grant access to the Immerse student VR application to your email account
  5. Oculus will send an email to your email address requesting you to accept Immerse's invitation to add the Immerse application to your Oculus account.emailscreenshot.png
  6.  After you accept the invitation, the Immerse student VR application can be downloaded to your Oculus Quest 2 by following the steps below:
    1. Put on your headset
    2. Navigate to the "Store" on the Oculus Quest 2 menu
    3. Scroll down to the bottom
    4. Select the Immerse app under a section called "My Preview Apps"
    5. Click the blue download button

Done! At this point you will have successfully added the Immerse student VR application to your Oculus application library. 

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