Entering your Immerse Classroom

Find and Select the Immerse Application

  1. Put on your Headset
  2. In the Oculus Main Menu Scene, look down to your Personal Menu Bar
  3. Select the “Apps” button
  4. Select the Immerse Application!

Tip: If you are having trouble or think you have not been given access to the Immerse Application, contact your administrator. 


Create a new Immerse profile or choose an existing one

When you click on the Application, you will be taken to the Immerse Lobby

  1. Create a new profile or choose and existing one
  2. Complete the tutorial if this is your first time creating a profile


Enter Your Classroom

  1. When it is time for your class, navigate to the door
  2. Enter your 4-Digit Class Code 
    • This code is given to you by your instructor or your administrator. If you do not know this code, contact your instructor or administrator directly.
  3. Click "Join"


If you see the screen below, your instructor has not opened the classroom yet. Wait for your Instructor to begin class.

If this screen persists:

  1. Check and retry your Lesson Code. 
  2. Contact your instructor 


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