How to Take the Teacher Tutorial

In the Immerse Teacher Desktop Application, instructors and teachers are recommended to take the "Teacher Tutorial" before exploring in the Immerse Desktop Application. 

Why take the Tutorial?

Let's keep the first things, first! 

Exploring a new application can be daunting and confusing. We want to make your introduction to our platform informative, empowering, and easy. We have created a teacher tutorial to walk you through the basics of navigation and functionality within the Immerse Desktop Application. Starting here will help equip you for your own practice and exploration, and also prepare you for a deeper dive in "Workshop 1" with our Immerse Implementation Team in the future... 

How to Access the Teacher Tutorial

1. (In the Application Log-In Screen) Click the "Graduation Hat" in the top right corner.




2. Click "Start Tutorial"




3. Complete Tutorial



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