How To Use The Immerse Experience Plan & Notes Tabs

Experience Plan & Notes Tabs Tutorial

The Experience Plan Tab can be found in the right hand panel of the Immerse Instructor Desktop Application.

Click on the clipboard to open any lesson plan that is loaded for your current experience.

The Experience Plan tab also has a Notes feature. The Notes feature allows you to plan notes prior to your lesson, for use inside of the experience to facilitate even more dynamic and engaging learning experiences for your students.

The Notes tab is also extremely useful for facilitating multi-scene experiences. Any notes that are inside of the notes tab will follow you from scene to scene, allowing you to use the locations feature and the playlist features for multi-scene interaction more seamlessly and ensuring that you are ready with any of your presentation materials prior to a scene change for faster facilitation and more enjoyable learning experiences for your and your learners.

Warning: Information inside of the notes tab is not saved and will be deleted after any of your learning experiences has ended. If you need to save your notes, we recommend hat you copy and save your notes to a note pad or a document file for retrieval later.

Also included in the Experience Plan tab at the right hand side of your screen, is an Exit Experience button. Click the End Experience door to end the Immerse experience for yourself and for your learners.

Learn more about how you can create and customize new VR English lesson plans here

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