Integrating Immerse Into Your LMS or CRM


Although Immerse has not developed a LMS or CRM API, the Immerse VLEP was designed to be a plug-and-play solution that is easy to integrate into any existing learning or student management infrastructure.
Most LMSs and CRMs come equipped with the tools needed to successfully deploy and track learning initiatives. Deploying and tracking VR learning initiatives in your LMS or CRM requires only a few manual inputs.
For scheduling and event tracking, simply add a VR-related lesson title and description as well as your Immerse-assigned Lesson Code to a published lesson calendar event to give instructors and students the information they need to connect in their VR lesson successfully. This workflow is similar to adding Zoom meeting details to a calendar invitation for invitees to see once invited to attend a meeting.
Tip: It has been found easiest to manage Lesson Codes by assigning a Lesson Code to an instructor to use for all of their VR facilitated lessons or to assign a Lesson Code to every lesson within an entire VR course or program.
For note tracking, instructors are able to take notes during a live VR lesson in the Notes Tab in the Immerse Instructor Desktop Application. At the end of the VR lesson, the instructor can easily download or copy their notes and manually upload them to the published VR lesson calendar event in their LMS or CRM. This can be useful for instructor evaluation and/or student review purposes post-VR lesson. 
For survey tracking, the instructor has the ability to survey students during any VR learning experience in Immerse. Once initiated, students will see the survey questions pop up in their display and can select an answer using their controller. Similar to the note tracking functionality, once all students have completed the survey the instructor can download the results and upload them into their LMS or CRM.
Contact Immerse if interested in further LMS or CRM integration. 
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